Connecting Threads

Connecting the threads, creating a narrative through the language of textiles. Communicating ideas but not always telling the whole story.  Intriguing, tantalising, posing questions, drawing in the viewer to invent their own story line, which may or may not be the original intentions of the artist. This is the essence of my work.

Initially inspired by old and worn gardening gloves and hand-knitted structures, Imagined Landscapes,  is a series of small-scale, stitched etchings: hinting at ancient rocks, river beds, pathways and long gone dwellings.  The viewer is invited to construct their own narrative as they navigate these dreamlike landscapes.

This then is the starting point for a new body of work.  I invite you to follow the twists and turns in this series of journeys real and imagined.Imagined-landscape-1-FB

Imagined landscape 1: soft ground etching, collage and hand stitching. Image size 15 cm x 31.5 cm, paper size 25 cm 50 cm.


2 thoughts on “Connecting Threads

  1. Just stumbled on yr wk via the Portuguese artisans group and v. interested to see where this goes — these first works are intriguing, resonant and evocative.

  2. Hi, thank you for discovering my work via the Portuguese artisans group. I am involved in a joint exhibition in St Ives Cornwall, UK at the the end of the summer 2016 and hopefully will be showing some of the work I am currently developing.

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