Connecting Threads

Making connections between print and stitch.  Investigating stitched marks onto various surfaces working over wood block prints on long fibre abaca papers,  layered etched fragments…left over newsprint tests.  The beginnings of a long sampling process, looking for a seamless visual link between the printed and stitched components, where one element complements the other.

monochrome-5             monochrome-2

Evolving working methods of surface looping and interlacing working with silk/stainless steel thread onto fragile, ready pierced semi- transparent papers.  Scanned samples, taken down from colour into grey scale to focus on the stitched structure. Silk/stainless steel thread holds the open shapes well, but is lively to stitch with.



3 thoughts on “Connecting Threads

  1. Very intriguing, original and something very moving about stitching together your printed fragments and papers. The grey scale images are very revealing, almost like x-rays. Beautiful project, Ruth.

  2. Thank you Talleen, These are all part of my Imagined landscape series. I like the idea of the X-rays particularly as much of my layered artwork looks like an archaeological dig. Imagined Landscapes will probably end up with an autobiographical element. I have been making visuals of pathways of various rivers connected to locations where I have lived have a strong connection with. Interior and exterior landscapes if that makes sense!

  3. This is lovely and another sign that you are settling in Portugal. I like the dramatic effect of the stitching. Intriguied to see how it is going to develop.

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