Connecting Threads

Working between hand stitched visuals and digitally manipulated images.  Selecting, layering, multiplying, changing the orientation, erasing;  suggesting  rock formations, tracks and trails.  Creating possible starting points for Imagined Landscapes.

Drawing with stitches. Hand stitching onto various papers. It easier to pierce the paper first then stitch. Much of the stitching is worked on the front side of the paper, with stitches looping into previous stitches. very much like the way I work with experimental knitting. Next step is to scan the sample into the computer and work with the image to create for example multiples, overlays and so on. I am building up an image bank to take back into hands on print techniques such as etching or relief printing blocks in wood.

Digital Image


digital sketch book

2 thoughts on “Connecting Threads

  1. These are very interesting Ruth, I do like them a lot. I can’t get a sense of scale? Maybe it’s supposed to be in the eye of the beholder. I also love the ideas linking them together – I’m working along the same lines recently (no pun intended) and it really resonates. Look forward to seeing more! Xxx

  2. Hi Jan, my original stitched samples are very small scale, sketch book size 14 x 22 cm. Scanned in at high resolution these digital images of selected segments of the stitched samples are suggesting to me, large scale, 3D constructed installations which explore positive and negative space, but I want to be careful not to do a re-run of Spirit Dresses. On the other hand many possibilities for printmaking. Maybe constructions in paper that involve the latter. At the moment the plan is to build up an an bank of images. I do like the idea of these digital images being in the eye of the beholder particularly in respect of scale and narrative. I welcome your comments and having a meaningful dialogue!

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