2018 A new year: a new beginning.

Responding to the challenging title of (IN)Organic for an open call for entries I needed clarity of thought as to the direction this new work should take: drawing and mark making as a thinking process and a way of developing concepts was much needed.  Much of January 2018 turned into an intense period of  visual research.

Where to start to unravel the brief?  After much dithering I chose to work with water (inorganic) and cellular leaf structures (organic): opposites which through photosynthesis, thrive.  Without water, plants become shadowy forms, parched by drought.

Visions of drought-stricken landscape with plant forms struggling to survive resonated with me as both an artist and a gardener.  Water as a life giver and life starved of water.

Originally conceived as drawing to be developed into print  for textiles surfaces, these new drawing have been put on one side to be developed at a later stage once I can see a way forward of developing them on a grand scale.

My starting point was to make a series of inky, watery surfaces rather than work directly onto white paper.  Left outside in the rain the inks were allowed to run, drip, pool.


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