Connecting Threads


Discarded, small scale fragments from a previous sampling session revisited. Small, discarded print fragments, held together with a series of stitched grid lines over transparent papers.



Scanned in grey scale to emphasise the structure: digitally manipulated to isolate the grid structure from the print fragment. I am seeing a co-relationship with a new stitched sample (work in progress), based on the grid of streets from my childhood.


Possible ideas for constructed panels on a grand scale.

Connecting Threads

Working between hand stitched visuals and digitally manipulated images.  Selecting, layering, multiplying, changing the orientation, erasing;  suggesting  rock formations, tracks and trails.  Creating possible starting points for Imagined Landscapes.

Drawing with stitches. Hand stitching onto various papers. It easier to pierce the paper first then stitch. Much of the stitching is worked on the front side of the paper, with stitches looping into previous stitches. very much like the way I work with experimental knitting. Next step is to scan the sample into the computer and work with the image to create for example multiples, overlays and so on. I am building up an image bank to take back into hands on print techniques such as etching or relief printing blocks in wood.

Digital Image


digital sketch book

Connecting Threads

Making connections between print and stitch.  Investigating stitched marks onto various surfaces working over wood block prints on long fibre abaca papers,  layered etched fragments…left over newsprint tests.  The beginnings of a long sampling process, looking for a seamless visual link between the printed and stitched components, where one element complements the other.

monochrome-5             monochrome-2

Evolving working methods of surface looping and interlacing working with silk/stainless steel thread onto fragile, ready pierced semi- transparent papers.  Scanned samples, taken down from colour into grey scale to focus on the stitched structure. Silk/stainless steel thread holds the open shapes well, but is lively to stitch with.



Connecting Threads

Connecting the threads, creating a narrative through the language of textiles. Communicating ideas but not always telling the whole story.  Intriguing, tantalising, posing questions, drawing in the viewer to invent their own story line, which may or may not be the original intentions of the artist. This is the essence of my work.

Initially inspired by old and worn gardening gloves and hand-knitted structures, Imagined Landscapes,  is a series of small-scale, stitched etchings: hinting at ancient rocks, river beds, pathways and long gone dwellings.  The viewer is invited to construct their own narrative as they navigate these dreamlike landscapes.

This then is the starting point for a new body of work.  I invite you to follow the twists and turns in this series of journeys real and imagined.Imagined-landscape-1-FB

Imagined landscape 1: soft ground etching, collage and hand stitching. Image size 15 cm x 31.5 cm, paper size 25 cm 50 cm.