Imagined Landscapes

Imagined Landscape 1
Imagined Landscape 1
Imagined Landscape 2


Imagined landscape 3
Imagined landscape 3
Imagined landscape 4
Imagined landscape 4

Initially inspired by old, worn out gardening gloves and hand-knitted structures, Imagined Landscapes 2015/2016 is a series of small scale etchings: hinting at ancient rocks, river beds, pathways and long gone dwellings. The viewer is invited to construct thier own narrative as they navigate these deamlike landscapes.

This then is my starting point for a new body of work.  I invite you to follow the twists and turns in this series of journeys real and imagined at The Crypt Gallery St Ives, Cornwall, UK August 2016.

Shown here are a series of small scale, soft ground etchings.  Imagined Landscape 1 and 2 include chine-colle whilst Imagined landsacpes 3, 4 and 5 are layered and hand stitched. Combined image size is 14cm x 31.5cm, paper size is 21.5cm x 50cm, umframed.

Framed in simple white wood frame,  Imagined Landscapes 3 and 4 can be viewed in Galleria St Ives, 5, Tregenna Hill, St Ives TR26 1SE  UK.

Imagined Landscape 5

Imagined Landscapes 6 and 7 took their inspiration from decorative maps re-intepreting the austere colours and mark making seen above into a series of hardground etchings, printed using the dolly method of multi -colour application using Charbonnel Agua wash colours.  Each print is unique.  Print size is 16cm x 24.5cm.  Framed and unframed pieces in different colour stories are currently available from Matriz in Porto, Portugal who are celebrating 10 years as an association.

Matriz- Associação de Gravura do Porto



 A move away from etching back to relief printing with small scale, laser etched woodblocks hand printed with a barren onto hand made silk papers.  The latter were inlaid with fine linen yarns in a grid format keeping the mapping references from previous works.

These were the final pieces created for the St Ives exhibition almost as an afterthought having spent much of the intervening time working with the large scale digital textile prints. Interestingly they have became significant sign post for future works.