Jungle 2017

Experimental prints. Aluminum lithography technique. print size 20cm x 13.5cm approx. Purposeful off setting, various orientations of three plates. Alterations to transparency and opaque qualities of printing inks.



Imagined Landscapes 2016

Inspired by old, worn out gardening gloves and hand-knitted structures, Imagined Landscapes 2015/2016 are a series of small scale etchings: hinting at ancient rocks, river beds, pathways and long gone dwellings. The viewer is invited to construct their own narrative as they navigate these dream like landscapes.




Soft ground etching, zinc plates, oil based inks, layered  collage.



Adding hand stitching.   Stitched detail.



Imagined Landscapes 1, 2 and 3

Imagined Landscape 3

Imagined landscape 4

Imagined Landscape 5