Parchment 2018


A large scale relief surface 170cm x 62cm constructed from hand made silk papers (mulberry silk fibres) inlaid with linen thread formed using CMC paste between synthetic mesh. Layered collage techniques. Hand and machine stitching. Relief forms internal structure formed over Lutrador. Three layers: silk paper stucture, underlayer scrim, mounted onto either off white unpholstery vilene or thick handmade or water colour paper.hand made silk paper surfaces, digital and hand stitching.

This piece  spoke to me about parched landscapes. Water and cellular leaf structures were my original starting point opposites which through photosynthesis, thrive.  Without water, plants become shadowy forms, parched by drought.  Visions of drought-stricken landscape with plant forms struggling to survive resonated with me as both an artist and a gardener.  Water as a life giver and life starved of water.

You can find out much more about the development of this piece if you click on pages Work in Progress 2017 and Work in Progress 2018.  I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback on Parchment 2018.  Thank you.