Ruth Lee Textile Artist and Printmaker.


About my Work.

Connecting the threads, creating a narrative through the language of textiles. Communicating ideas but not always telling the whole of the story. Intriguing, tantalising, posing questions, drawing in the viewer to invent their own storyline, which may or may not be the original intentions of the artist. This is the essence of my work.

Underpinning my work is the balancing act between how ideas evolve through the making process; their close relationship between materials; the hands-on making processes; concepts and creative thinking.

Informed by hands-on printmaking techniques, enhanced with stitching, layering and various construction techniques, much of my new work is about exploring the the positive role of digital technologies in conjunction with the handmade.






You can contact me by Email at

My community Facebook page is Ruth Lee Textile Artist.




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