Experimental Printmaking

etching wood blocks screen printing stencils and much more

viscosity tests

Viscosity tests. Inks of various colours and viscosity applied to small zinc plate and printed with one pass of the press. First apply inks as for intaglio printing and then roll onto relief surface with hard or soft roller to reach different levels of the plate. Stop out varnish was used to make the marble type patterns on the zinc plates prior to etching.

from visual research to print

Experimenting with deeply etched zinc plate. Experimenting with various degrees of transparency, viscosity and surfaces, pushing the “Parched” etching plate in different directions. Using different wiping techniques and hard/soft rollers.

Parched: deeply etched zinc plate printed with Charbonnel Agua wash inks.

Wood Blocks and Stencils in the making

experimental prints zinc plates

Experimental screen printing

Art Textiles Screen Printed by Hand: Discharge technique on wool fabric