textile Artist: Printmaker: Visual story Teller

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Ruth’s making process is organic where one thing leading to another. Building, layering, multiplying, subtracting and adding to existing works, changing scale, interweaving the many strands of her practice to create a personal vision of the world around her.

Connecting the threads, creating a narrative through the language of textiles and print. Communicating ideas but not always telling the whole of the story. Intriguing, tantalising, posing questions, drawing in the viewer to invent their own story line, which may or may not be the original intentions of the artist.

Underpinning Ruth’s work, is the balancing act between how ideas evolve through the making process: that close relationship between materials, concepts and creative thinking.

Informed by visual research, hands-on printmaking and textile related construction techniques, enhanced for example with stitching, layering, silk paper-making techniques and much more, it is the concept of the works that dictate Ruth’s working methods to express ideas and develop narratives.

Ruth`s all-time favourite exhibitions have been at venues which have a sense of history; a space with a soul, and a special resonance presenting the challenge of both integrating my work into that space, and also how she can draw together a visual storyline from diverse sources, both past and present.


Instagram: ruth_margaret_lee