Reading between the Lines

Reading between the Lines  explored the concept of protection, rediscovery of seemingly ancient artefacts, and intrigue through the medium of knitting and other textile techniques.

The pieces ask the viewer to construct their own narrative and to question the provenance of the works (see Relics collection and Hand me Downs created for Made from Memory 2004/5) through a series a visual clues, labels and apparent codes.

Working methods include the use of formal systems such as Fibonacci numbers (see Spirit Dresses 2003 onwards) and perforated pattern templates (Jacquard cards, player-piano rolls for example) to create multiple images where each image is unique yet similar.

Altered text plays an important role in this work which links back to Spirit Dresses, the continuous loop construction taking on the appearance of hand-written text. The idea of reading between the lines was first realised here as a way of expressing the space in between inner self and the outside world: a metaphor for contemplation and stillness.

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